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Carina Mac Laughlan : for the love of horses…
Journal N°14

Carina Mac Laughlan is an equine fine art photographer, fully devoted to the horses brought to light in her pictures. Her artwork reveals stunning stallions' natural beauty, explores their souls, and reveals their essence.

Claudia Duffé – brushstrokes of brilliance
Journal N°13

Claudia Duffé hails from Germany but has lived in France for many years. A talented photographer and painter she enjoys capturing the beauty of purebred Arabian horses.

Nicolás Haro: images for animal welfare
Journal N°12

With an ongoing commitment to animal rights, Horse Aware is not confined solely to the protection of the horse, and regularly deals in the columns of the protection of other species - including dogs, typical companions of riders.

Portfolio : Images from the World Equestrian Games
Journal N°11

This month Portfolio offers pictures from the recent Alltech/FEI World Equestrian Games held in Normandy France. Probably everyone heard or read about the organizational problems, the difficulties of the cross country course, the weather and the wins and losses of the various competing nations. Some say WEG could be likened to the Woodstock of Eventing… But there were also great moments and some are captured in this series of images – jubilant – poignant – inspiring – beautiful…

One Hundred days imprinted on the sands of Normandy…
Journal N°10 May/June 2014

At one hundred days before the World Equestrian Games, hoof prints were drawn on the sand of Normandy to make a huge number 100... a symbolic gesture: the work of sculptor Jean Christophe Dumont photographed by Sebastian Evrard make this month’s Portfolio.

Horses and Humans, by Steve McCurry
Journal N°9 Mar/Apr. 2014

Steve McCurry has been a one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 30 years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world to his name. Horses are part of the stunning images Steve has created over six continents. Cheval Savoir is proud to publish this outstanding Portfolio, on the theme "Horses and Humans".

Shine and Glitter, by Laure Vargas
Journal N°6 2013 Sept/Oct.

In this series of highly emotional pictures, French photographer Laure Vargas celebrates the glitter and shine of the horse’s coat. Five greatly aesthetic images enhancing each muscle, vein and drop of water, five shots to celebrate the close relationship between horse and rider, after a ride...

Carthusian horses
Journal N°5 2013 May & June

During the sixteeth century, the Carthusian monks of Jerez de la Frontera, in southern Andalusia started to breed the famous Cratujanos (Carthusian horses).

Szuszanna Wagenhoffer: the beauty of Nonius Horses
Journal N°4 2013 April

Szuszanna Wagenhoffer is a well known photographer : her photographic work has been shown in many exhibitions - indeed Cheval Savoir already published a Portfolio of her work in the March 2011 issue.

Braids and halters
Journal N°3 2013 March

It is the stable horse, the one closest to man, that the photographer Mary Chalon wanted to bring out in her work, the intimate moments when sophistication and tenderness reflect a kind of nostalgia.

Portfolio : Winter Light, by Raphaëlle Wavrant 
Journal N°2 2013 February

Cheval Savoir is always happy and proud to publish photographs of famous artists such as Tim Flach who made the awesome images in our last month’s Portfolio.
However, we also want to help young artists to get better known.
In this issue, Raphaëlle Wavrant gives you smooth and poetic images of horses in a subdued winter light.

Portfolio : Icelandic Horses, by Tim Flach
Journal N°1 2013 January

With decades of experience undertaking commissions for clients including National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, The Sunday Times, Stern Magazine, Gore Tex and Hermès, Tim Flach’s technical expertise and uniquely innovative approach to photographing animals has positioned him at the forefront of his field, helping to define this arena of photography as we know it.

Cheval Savoir is proud to publish, in it’s first international issue, a glorious Portfolio by Tim Flach.