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To optimise your horse’s health and well-being: An intelligent girth
Journal N°14

As we’re always on the lookout for products that can improve working horses’ well being, we were astounded to discover a brand new tool that allows you to both evaluate and optimise your horse’s health and performance, thanks to its dedicated smartphone application. We wanted to know more, so we met the young creator behind it all: Zakaria Antar.

Christian Carde: People no longer know what is correct or not.
Journal N°13

A former Ecuyer en Chef (Head Rider) of the Cadre Noir (1991-1999), selected for the 1980 French Olympic dressage team, a National French Dressage Champion and French Olympic coach (1985-1989), Colonel Christian Carde is a distinguished figure of the French School. A fierce advocate for Légèreté (Lightness), he is the co-founder and honorary chairman of the Allège-Idéal Association. In this exclusive in-depth interview for Horse Aware magazine, Christian Carde takes a frank look at the current state of dressage.

Marieta Salas: A good breeder allows the horse to be a horse
Journal N°6 2013 Sept/Oct.

iCheval Savoir recently interviewed Marieta Salas of the Ses Planes Arabian Stud. Marieta has bred Arabian horses for nearly fifty years in several different countries, Majorca, Spain and the US. Here are some of her views on Arabian horse breeding.

HH Sheikh Ali Al Thani: a rider to watch...
Journal N°6 2013 Sept/Oct.

Jumping for Qatar with nine different horses, H.H. Sheikh Ali bin Khalid Al Thani has produced numerous outstanding performances, and has taken part in some of the world’s most prestigious jumping events, including the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010 in Lexington. He also rides regularily in the Longines Global Champions Tour. rnSheikh Ali Al Thani granted Cheval Savoir an exclusive interview.

Sir Mark Todd : It is important if you keep the horse balanced as much as possible, so as to interfere as little as possible
Journal N°5 2013 May & June

Sir Mark Todd, the mythic new-zealander rider, is called "The living legend of eventing. Following the first part of this huge exclusive interview published in last month's issue, here is more about the outstanding carreer of an exceptionnal horseman and rider.  

Sir Mark Todd : The challenge is to try and understand each horse, to get the best out of him (I)
Journal N°4 2013 April

Sir Mark Todd, the mythic rider from New-Zealand, is called "The living legend of eventing". His outstanding carreer has been incredibly long and successful, and goes on nowadays, as he won the Badminton Event in 2011, as well as a bronze medal at the London Olympics in 2012.

Sir Mark Todd granted international Cheval Savoir Horse Magazine an exclusive interview. He tells us about his personal approach of horses, how his riding and training methods evolved over the years... in one word, what makes his carreer unsurpassable.

Jan Tops : Horses must have that magic ingredient
Journal N°3 2013 March

Jan Tops is not only a talented international rider and Olympic gold medalist. He is also the founder of the Global Champions Tour, a prestigious show-jumping circuit.
Sporting tension will be on a knife edge as the best riders in the world will compete for the 2013 Championship crown.
The official calendar of 2013 season has just been revealed. On this occasion, International Cheval Savoir publishes an exclusive interview of Jan Tops, founder and Président of the GCT.

Leonid Babaev, breeder of Akhal-Tekes : A good horse is of no particular colour
Journal N°3 2013 March

The Akhal-Teke is one of the most ancient breeds and is considered as an excellent pure riding horse. This breed was traditionally bred by the Teke tribe in Turkmenistan.
Nowadays, the breed has become rather mythic, and is often called – in a too simplistic way- the horse with "a golden coat".
Leonid Babaev, who runs the Shamborant stud in Russia, granted Cheval Savoir a long interview and gives a modern and realistic version.

He tells us about the true qualities to be sought for any riding horse –strength, conformation, gaits and good temperament. Despite the difficulties that breeders encounter nowadays in Russia, he maintains in constant research for excellence.

Helen Burgess: We must not discount a horse’s mind and its responsiveness when schooled
Journal N°2 2013 February

In addition to our huge article about the Haras de la Gesse (in last month’s issue) we were also keen to talk to the stud’s founder, Helen Burgess.
During this informal interview we broach many topics, including dressage, breeding and its techniques, and the evolution of equine breeds (notably the two breeds of horse that Helen considers key: the Lusitano and the northern Warmbloods). Why and how are these breeds produced? What does the future hold for them, both in terms of genetics and of sport? Helen Burgess draws upon her experience to give her own personal response to these questions.

Natural horsemanship viewed from Montana
Journal N°2 2013 February

We have met Brenda Wahler, an American horsewoman from Montana, a state in the American Northwest, which is the region where natural horsemanship originated. These people inspired Nicholas Evans and Robert Redford.
Brenda is familiar with both dressage and natural horsemanship training methods, and has worked with horses for 40 years.
This interview suggests that many European people have inaccurate ideas about natural horsemanship!

Roger-Yves Bost: Watch, take in… and keep you own personnality
Journal N°1 2013 January

Roger-Yves Bost is currently number 13 on the Rolex Ranking List. More and more people are talking about him given his unusual style, his increasing wins and exceptional talent for speed classes.
This French rider, known by his diminutive name “Bosty”, is extremely popular on the international show jumping circuit and is currently one of the stars of equestrian sport.
He gave Cheval Savoir an exclusive interview.

Interview with Mr. Mohammed Al Sulaiti, Breed Manager of the Al Shaqab stud
Journal N°1 2013 January

The Arabian World Championships that took place in Paris last month enhanced the profile of the outstanding offspring of the stallion Gazal Al Shaqab, from the famous Qatar stud farm. Al Shaqab also won – among other trophies during the competition - the prize for the Best Breeder.
Mr. Mohammed Al Sulaiti, Breed Manager for Al Shaqab, gave Cheval Savoir an exclusive interview.