Who writes for Cheval Savoir ?

Cheval Savoir did not select journalists but Experts and Specialists each in their specific domain, in order to supply in-depth articles on their know-how.

We have Technical and Scientific Advisers from Universities of many countries (such as Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Japan), Masters of horse in schools and training institutions (Saumur, Lisbon), Veterinarians, and top international Riders and professionals...
Ernst-Peter Andresen

Vétérinarian from the Hannover Vetarinarian School (Germany).
Specilaised in veterinairy Homaeopathy, Phytotherapy and acupuncture.

Laetitia Bataille

Chief editor
Journalist, photographer and author
She is the author of thirteen books on the horse and has signed more than 2000 articles in the press riding.

Pierre Beaupère

Professionnel Dressage rider and trainer.
He has personnally trained with Michel Henriquet, Elisabeth de Walsche, Rick Klaassen, Joaquim Fernandes, Sergio Martin Palos et Jan Brink.
Degree pf animal Biology (University of Brussels, 2001).
Specialised in equine ethlology.

Félix-Marie Brasseur

International four-in-hand Team driver.
Ecuyer (Belgium), Instructor (Major of his promotion at the Cadre Noir de Saumur riding School.)
International Judge for carriage driving.
He has won twice the Driving World Cup (1995 et 1996)
Individual Gold Medal and Team Gold medal at the World Championships in Waregem (1996)
Individual Gold Medal and Team Silver Medal at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen (2006)

Colonel Christian Carde

Ecuyer at the Cadre Noir of Saumur for 20 years, he became Ecuyer en Chef from 1991 to 1999.
He was also National Dressage trainer for France from 1985 to 1989 and he is a FEI international Dressage judge.
He competed throughout Europe at the International level during the next 12 years.
Winner of the French Dressage championship in 1979, he was chosen to represent France at the Olympic Games in Moscow.
In 2002 he founded an association called Allège-Idéal (International Dressage and Equitation Association for Lightness)
Since his retirement he has been holding clinics in several countries.
He is running the website competences-equestres.fr
He has earned the distinction of Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur, Officer of the National Order of Merit and Gold medallist of the French Ministry for Youth and Sport.

Patrick Daneels

Former C.E.O of an International Industrial Group, then a Capital Investment company.
President of the French Federation for Ponies and Small Horses (FPPCF)
Breeder of Pottok (a French pony breed)

Isa Danne

Professionnal rider and teacher in jumping, dressage and High School.
Has trained with Jean d’Orgeix.
She studied training with a horse simulator with Peteris Klavins, kinesitherapist, and gives clinics of classical Dressage, High School and simulator training in France and in many countries.

Simon Delestre

International Show Jumping rider
Currently ° 35 on the Rolex Ranking List
Junior European Team Champion Young in 2000
Winner of many CSI5* contests.

Dr Francis Desbrosse

Veterinarian, President of the French Vetarinary Academy
DVM, ECVS Degree
Odre National du Mérite

Dr Filipe Figueiredo (Graciosa)

Former Director and Chief Rider of Portuguese School of Equestrian art (EPAE)

Breeder of Lusitanos.

Patrice Franchet d'Espèrey

Ecuyer of the Cadre Noir of Saumur
Chief of the documentation sector of the Ecole Nationale d’Equitation (ENE).
Doctor of Educational Science.
He wrote several books on equestrian culture.

Dr Thierry Fuss

Specialist in equine dentistry.
Rider and breeder.

Catherine Henriquet

Doctor dermatologist.
High-level international dressage rider.

She has been vice-Champion of France, and Champion of France. She rode in the Olympic Games of Barcelona and qualified for the Games of Atlanta.
She raised up to Grand Prix twelve horses (among them, Orphée and Spartacus were particurarly famous) in the respect for the classic principles of lightness.

Yves Katz

Riding Instructor BEES 2 (France)
Degree in Agricultural productions (BTS)
Degree in Equestrian Science and Riding (1974)
Has trained with Philippe Karl and Master Nuno Oliveira.
Specialist in the schooling of the young horse.

Claire Kazumi-Cartan

Animal biomechanics.
Doctor of the University of Tokyo.
Searcher at the Universtity of Tsukuba (Japan) in medicine of sport.

Dr Jacques Laurent

Doctor of Paris Hospitals
Paedratician and cardilogist.
Rider, driver and breeder.

Maria-Pia Lobo de Vasconcellos

Breeder of Lusitanos.
Rider and trainer.
She has trained with Master Nuno Oliveira.

M° Sandra Noyelle

Lawyer at the Paris Bar
As a keen rider, she is a specialist of equestrian law.

Annette Rancurel

Information Technology Engineer.
Horse rider and owner.

She aims to translate research findings into everyday practice to improve the horse-rider relationship through the saddle.

Patrick Rebulard

International four-in-hand driver.
Champion of France (pair driving)
5 times Champion of France in four-in-hand driving
Won the Copa Iberica in 2000.

Dr Jean Servantie

Past resident in Equine Medecine, National Veterinary School of Toulouse, France
Certified in Veterinary ophthalmology
Legal Expert at the Court of Appeal of Rennes
Exclusive practice in Equine acupuncture and osteopathy since 2001

Kevin Staut

International Show Jumping rider
Currently ° 4 on the Rolex Ranking List
Junior European Team Champion Young in 2000
European Champion d'Europe in 2009
Winner of the Team Silver Medal at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington en 2010
5 th in the Word Cup Finale in 'sHertogenbosch in 2012

Dr. Robert Stodulka

Veterinarian, especialised in rehabilitation medicine, acupuncture and equine oesteopathy.
He teaches at the Viennese Veterinary University and gives lectures and clinics all over the world.
He publicated a lot about the biomechanics and classical equitation and is specialised in riding history, especially in french equitation and baucherism.
He rode for many years with Arthur Kottas, trained in the Royal Andalusian Riding School in Jerez, and tought for several years in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

Max Thirouin

International Show-Jumping rider
European Junior Champion
Europena Champion Young riders
World Champion Young Horses
Pre-selected for the 2000 Olympics

Amélie Tsaag-Valren

Specialist in equestrian culture and history of horse breeds.
Director of the Myths and Legends Center of the French Mediaeval Federation.
Member of the French Mythological Society

Nelly Valère

Doctoral Student in history of classical Equitation at the University of Caen (France).
Contributor to the Xth symposium of the Ecole Nationalt d’Equitation (ENE) in Saumur (2007) to the 2007 symposium in Golegà (Portugal) and to the International Conference for Equitation Science in Dublin in 2008.
She works in relation to the Research Department of the Maisons-Alfort Veterinarian School (France) and in conjunction with the Veterinary University of Vienna (Austria).

Pr Frank Ödberg

Professor Frank Ödberg held a PhD in Experimental Psychology (Ghent University) and an MSc in Zoology (Edinburgh University). He has contributed to the development of applied ethology since 1968. His research interests focussed on the study of ethological and neurobiochemical determinants of conflict-induced stereotypies and on horse behaviour.