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How to optimize horses straightness, balance and performance… A symposium with Manolo Mendez and Dr. Ridgway!
Journal N°13

A unique two-day Symposium featuring Dr. Kerry Ridgway & Manolo Mendez, Dressage Expert will take place on Saturday and Sunday, July 4th & 5th, 2015 in Germany. It has been developed specifically for veterinarians, osteopaths, bodyworkers, and other equine wellness professionals, trainers and interested amateur riders and horse owners. It is designed to optimize horse straightness, balance & performance through fascia retraining and postural réhabilitation.

Bachelor and Harem Stallion Behavior' and Endocrinology'
Journal N°8 Jan/Feb. 2014

Just tell me what your testosterone levels are and I’ll tell you your position in the herd! That’s what an American study carried out on a semi-wild herd of ponies demonstrates. The study suggests that the “single” bachelor male carefully keeps his sexual urges in check.

Effect of shortened reins on rein tension
Journal N°2 2013 February

It is certainly commonly thought that the length of the reins does not affect the ridden horse to a large extent, as long as their tension is light enough.

A study on seventeen dressage horses was led in Germany by two researchers of Göttingen University : here are their findings.

Positive vs negative reinforcement when loading a horse
Journal N°1 2013 January

Horse training : is there a difference between positive and negative reinforcement concerning effectiveness and stress related symptoms? Three scientists from Copenhagen University, Biology, have chosen trailer-loading as a test.