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iCheval Savoir offers many articles and news on the world of horses.
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Carina Mac Laughlan : for the love of horses…
Journal N°14

Carina Mac Laughlan is an equine fine art photographer, fully devoted to the horses brought to light in her pictures. Her artwork reveals stunning stallions' natural beauty, explores their souls, and reveals their essence.

To optimise your horse’s health and well-being: An intelligent girth
Journal N°14

As we’re always on the lookout for products that can improve working horses’ well being, we were astounded to discover a brand new tool that allows you to both evaluate and optimise your horse’s health and performance, thanks to its dedicated smartphone application. We wanted to know more, so we met the young creator behind it all: Zakaria Antar.

Claudia Duffé – brushstrokes of brilliance
Journal N°13

Claudia Duffé hails from Germany but has lived in France for many years. A talented photographer and painter she enjoys capturing the beauty of purebred Arabian horses.

Elizabeth II – A life-long love of horses
Journal N°13

HRH Queen Elizabeth II, who on 21st April celebrated her 89th birthday, has recently been presented the first ever “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Fédération Equestre Internationale, recognising her outstanding contribution to equestrianism. So let us take a moment to recount the life of a remarkable woman, whose passion for horses has remained unchanged over the years.

Les Equestriades in the city of Orange: where equestrian arts meet
Journal N°13

In the Antique theater of Orange in France, home to the best preserved Roman theater in Europe, an extraordinary show is going to take place for the second year running: the “Equestriades”, featuring The “Cadre Noir” of Saumur together with Alexis Gruss & Family on 29th and 30th May 2015.

Could horses disappear one day? A journey to the future
Journal N°13

The disappearance of horses seems like insanity in this day and age, where worldwide there are over a million horses and hundreds of different breeds. However, it’s a hypothesis that many aren’t reluctant to make… A genuine prospect or pure sensationalism? History has taught us that the preservation of a species, even a very widespread one, should never be taken for granted. So where do horses stand in all of this?

Famous stallion Cruising cloned!
Journal N°13

Cruising was a world famous Irish Sport Horse Stallion considered one of the worlds most significant sires of the 21st century. He died in september 2014, and Hartwell Stud in Ireland have announced they now have two - 2 and a half year old clones of Cruising coming of age in Co. Kildare Ireland.