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Horses and language
Journal N°13

Horse behaviour that we find “stupid” (such as pulling back when tied) isn’t necessarily so for the horses: it’s simply a question of them being at odds with a “civilised” life. Domestic horses must constantly make an effort, notably casting aside their herding and fleeing instincts whilst trying to understand our demands in an environment that is sometimes counterintuitive.

Can athletes be happy?
Journal N°12

Why should a working horse – wether mounted, driven or schooled in hand- be a victim? Certain “extremists” consider any form of equitation to be ethically unacceptable. But let’s not go that far. Horses ca be "broken in" gently and with patientce, some riders do have soft, symapthetic hands, a, riding school horses and ponies are not necessarily slaves…

The largest equestrian event in the world…
Journal N°11

Held every four years, alternating with the Olympic Games under the support of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), the World Equestrian Games are the largest equestrian event in the world. The fifteen-day event broke records across the board, with 74 participating nations – an increase of 25% on the last Games in 2010- and attracted a crowd of over 565,000 spectators.

iCheval Savoir becomes Horse Aware
Journal N°10 May/June 2014

International Cheval Savoir, the English version of Cheval Savoir has come of age - it is now a journal in its own right with the new name of « Horse Aware ». The mission of Horse Aware remains the same as that of Cheval Savoir.

Journal N°9 Mar/Apr. 2014

Spring is nearly here, and many thrilling events will soon take place. It’s all becoming more and more exciting, with competitions to come such as the Finale of the Longines FEI World Cup TM Jumping and the Finale of the Reem Acra FEI World Cup TM Dressage. Both of them will take will take place in Lyon (France), gathering not only riders from the Western European League, but also from Arabic countries and Asia. Among them are the Arab, Chinese, Japanese, South East Asian and Central Asia series which, between them, attracted 178 horse-and-rider combinations.

Journal N°8 Jan/Feb. 2014

Each New Year in China is associated with one of twelve animals. The “Feng Shui index”, that was developed and unveiled in Hong Kong, has forecasted for 2014 – the year of the Wooden Horse- a prosperous economic year for China.

The beauty of baroque Riding Art
Journal N°7 Nov/Dec. 2013

Cheval Savoir is fond of artistic and classical equitation. That’s why we were interested in discovering an outstanding and delightful riding Academy: the Princely School of Riding Art of Bueckeburg, in Germany, where authentic baroque riding Art is still performed.

Enjoy this new issue!
Journal N°6 2013 Sept/Oct.

In this new issue of iCheval Savoir –your online horse magazine- we are happy to offer you once more a wide panel of subjects on horses and riding skills.

Tell us about you !
Journal N°5 2013 May & June

As your horse lover’s magazine grows, we would be delighted to know more about you !
Our goal is to offer you not only high quality articles and illustrations on every equestrian subject, but most of all, to match what you wish to find in the magazine.

Join iCheval Savoir, the magazine for all Horse Lovers !
Journal N°4 2013 April

The international on-line magazine, iCheval Savoir is destined to all horse riding lovers but also to readers wanting to acquire further knowledge in riding and horse care.

Ulrike Prunthaller : paying for all the others?
Journal N°3 2013 March

Austrian dressage rider Ulrike Prunthaller has recently been sentenced to a suspension from competition riding and a large fine for the use of painful training methods to her horses.
Alas her case is no exception. It represents the tip of the iceberg that nobody wants to see – or that everybody denies.

A magazine for all horse-lovers...
Journal N°2 2013 February

First of all, I must inform all the readers of the new international issue of Cheval Savoir how grateful we are for all the visits we already received. Our magazine is only one month old, but already going strong !

Your new online horse lover’s magazine!
Journal N°1 2013 January

Cheval Savoir is not a Web site, it’s a real magazine! An in-depth high level monthly* magazine on horses, ponies and riding.
We are starting the year off with good news! Due to the tremendous success encountered, Cheval Savoir initially French, is now launching its international edition in English, the “iChevalSavoir” to cover a world-wide public and this only a few years after its creation in 2009.