AHO Breeders’ European Championships in Chantilly

Journal N°10 - May/June 2014
The Arabian Horse Organisation together with Arabian Horse Event is very happy to announce that the Breeders’ European Championship will again take place in the beautiful city of Chantilly (France). The date for the show is 9th to 10th of August.

Chantilly is known as the Capital city of the Horse, mainly because of the racing activity, but also because it hosts many outstanding events such as the International Show Jumping (Horse Aware was an official partner) which took place in July and was a venue of the The Longines Global Champions Tour.



Managed by Arabian Horse Event and organised by the Arabian Horse Organization, the 2014 European Breeders\' Championship will take place in Chantilly, in a wonderful setting, in the grounds of one of the most beautiful castles in France, to match the beauty and elegance of the Arabian Horse.

The show will gather 160 arabian horses belonging to european breeders and/or owners.
The show is expected to be thrilling, as many countries in Europe, such as Sweden, Spain (read our interview with Marieta Salas) Russia and of course Poland, traditionnally breed high quality Arabian horses.

The event is sponsored by the famous studs of the Middle East, in ordre to help European breeders –the latter often using blood lines frome the middle East.

AHO Breeders’ European Championships
August 9 th- 10 th
Chantilly (60 500) France

Horse Aware, official Partner of the Chantilly Jumping