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Par Laetitia Bataille
Rédacteur en chef

Journal N°1 - 2013 January
A complete online monthly magazine for all horse lovers ! Horse Aware is not a Web site, it’s a real magazine. An in-depth high level monthly magazine on horses, ponies and riding. You will now be able to read articles across the world, exchange, comment, consult and share on your lap-top or smart phone!

Cheval Savoir, initially French, is now launching its international edition in English, the “Horse Aware” to cover a world-wide public.

Practical advice is given on various riding skills in all the equestrian disciplines. The reader will also find high level articles on stable management, horse’s health and care, breeds and breeding.
Cheval Savoir has a scientific and modern approach of the horse/humane relationship.

How it works

Although it is a monthly magazine with a summary, in-depth articles or substantial articles will be published continuously over the month or in several issues, in order to avoid too much information arriving at the same time.

For latest articles and news issued, we invite you to visit our magazine regularly!

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As it is published online, Cheval Savoir allows you to share information with the other reader, by leaving comments on each article.
You can aslo seek information or help from our authors an technical Counsellors !

And why not click and throw a look on the French version ?