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To optimise your horse’s health and well-being: An “intelligent” girth

By Laetitia Bataille
Translated into english by Danielle Haywood

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As we’re always on the lookout for products that can improve working horses’ well being, we were astounded to discover a brand new tool that allows you to both evaluate and optimise your horse’s health and performance, thanks to its dedicated smartphone application. We wanted to know more, so we met the young creator behind it all: Zakaria Antar.

There’s often a real lack of precision and scientific approach in horse riding! Really, the horse world still functions in an often very empirical and overly traditional way. Modernity sometimes has a hard time penetrating this sport, which remains strongly marked by tradition and classicism.

Zakaria Antar

Certainly no endurance rider today would pass up using a heart rate monitor and technology that allows movement analysis is becoming more and more relevant for show jumpers and dressage riders; and of course for eventing riders. Now a new tool is allowing us to go even further with more sophisticated parameters, such as monitoring the horse’s feeding and general health.

A girth equipped with various captors, a girth-sleeve that can be used alone or as a complement – two modern devices that when coupled with a smartphone, allow a precise evaluation.


Zakaria Antar : “Technology is an incredible ally to horses’ well-being”

Horse riding, Zakaria Antar “stumbled upon it” at the tender age of 3: his parents ran an equestrian centre in Casablanca, where he was born. From Shetland ponies to horses, the young boy progressed and started working with Abdelkebir Ouaddar, who regularly coached the club’s riders. It was no doubt extremely tempting to begin a career as a professional rider, but at the age of 18 “Zak” more sensibly chose to study, attending the esteemed Parisian business school HEC.

But horse riding would naturally inspire the start-up that he has now developed, dedicated to creating and marketing an extremely sophisticated equestrian project (Zak doesn’t do anything by half measures), that intends to allow a personalised monitoring of your horse’s effort.

It’s this whole set of parameters that our application provides and that can then give a corrected and nuanced analysis of the horse’s overall well-being

Smiling and to the point, this 29 year old CEO answered our questions as both a technician and an experienced rider. Moreover, it’s clear that horses’ well-being is really at the centre of his project, as the material he is creating – girth or girth sleeve – will guide the rider in their daily training and protect from any long-term excesses which could put the horse in the red.

Horse Aware: Zak, how did you get the idea to launch this product?

Zakaria Antar: I wanted to combine my two greatest interests - technology and horses!
After having met Pierre-Yves Lalo, a fellow technology enthusiast, I knew that I’d found the right co-founder to create my company and begin the prototype phase with. I then discussed my ideas with my fellow riders.
We’re working to improve the monitoring of both horses’ and performance and we’re doing it because we love horses. We see technology as an incredible ally to our favourite animal!

Sketch of girth Girth Seaver

© Seaver

H.A. So what’s the product and how does it work?

Z.A. We’ve created a girth and a girth-sleeve which are...

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Published 21-07-2016

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