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Exhibition “Clan of Vagabonds, Confessions of Rebel Horses” : Equine photography by Carina Mac Laughlin

Awarded by several international contests, including Ar(t) horse Saumur/France in 2008 and 2009 and the international photography competition of Equestrian Art Moscow /Russia in 2009, Carina Mac Laughlan is celebrated for her uncommon approach to horse photography. An exhibition at the Kevis House Gallery – Petworth West Sussex, United Kingdom, is held from 9th July to 13th August 2016.

Creations of this distinctive artist feature close up pictures of wonderful inspiring horses, sunlight only pictures, taken without zoom or wide angle. Her artwork has been published in several Equestrian magazines in Europe and United States, also selected to create advertising posters for horse exhibitions and advertisements in magazines.

The exhibition at the Kevis House Gallery – Petworth West Sussex, United Kingdom, is held from 9th July to 13th August 2016, includes Limited edition photographs of Carina Mac Laughlan's Equine Artwork and takes place during the Gold Cup polo at Cowdray and Glorious Goodwood, and The Longines Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead. Late viewing and drinks 6-8pm Wednesday 13 July after Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup Semi Finals.

Clan of Vagabonds, Confessions of Rebel Horses

Carina Mac Laughlan is an equine fine art photographer, fully devoted to the horses brought to light in her pictures. Her artwork reveals stunning stallions' natural beauty, explores their souls, and reveals their essence.

“The horses that inspired these photos are part of my clan, not that of my name but that of my heart. If these horses have become my companions, it is because their paths crossed with mine the day when they became too much or excessive, too nervous, too cumbersome, too emotionally disturbed. As a child, I thought that to love horses you had to ride them and it is only after long years of obstinate riding I finally understood my mistake. From sitting on their backs, I have come to lie down at their feet”

Carina Mac Laughlan's creative work also became a book in 2015 : “Le clan des Vagabonds. Confidences de chevaux révoltés” (Clan of Vagabonds. Confessions of rebel horses), published in France by Editions Escargot Savant.

For more informations please contact:
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01798 215 007
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Published 20-07-2016

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