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Claudia Duffé – brushstrokes of brilliance

Claudia Duffé hails from Germany but has lived in France for many years. A talented photographer and painter she enjoys capturing the beauty of purebred Arabian horses.

Born in Berlin to a family of artists, Claudia Duffé has always had a passion for the arts. She was a professional gymnast before turning her talents towards horse riding, unearthing a deep love for all things equestrian.

Claudia Duffé
© Coll. Claudia Duffé

After arriving in France she discovered the world of horse racing and worked with top stables such as J. Ortet and G. Macaire. She also passed her french BBES 1 degree in horse monitoring and took part in eventing competitions. This enriching career path now allows her to deeply understand horses and their personalities, which is the main focus of her paintings, photographs and portraits.

Claudia Duffé also specialises in unique, made-to-order horse portraits, which she creates in oil paint, pastel, charcoal or graphite. Sometimes she uses a mixed technique or photography.

When I create an equestrian portrait I don’t aim to produce a simple photo. What I want to communicate is the horse’s soul and the relationship it shares with its rider

Always on the hunt for new adventures and ways to embody her art, Claudia has also produced videos in collaboration with a video-artist in Berlin.

She enjoys travelling and filming horses at different events, notably in the Middle East where she finds her favourite purebred Arabian horses.

We have been thrilled to pay homage to her talent by dedicating this issue’s cover to her and by offering you this beautiful portfolio.

Portfolio Claudia Duffé
© Claudia Duffé


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Published 28-05-2015

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