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Nicolás Haro: images for animal welfare

With an ongoing commitment to animal rights, Horse Aware is not confined solely to the protection of the horse, and regularly deals in the columns of the protection of other species - including dogs, typical companions of riders.

This month Horse Aware present you with a large Portfolio dedicated to both horses and dogs.
The striking images by the talented Spanish photographer Nicolás Haro also have an animal welfare angle.

Nicolás Haro was born in Seville in 1965, and has lived in Britain where he attended the Connaught College in Bath. After studying psychology at the University of Sevilla, he returned to England where he studied photography and worked with David Tack.

Nicolás Haro
Nicolás Haro. © Personal Collection

He has participated in numerous individual exhibitions in Seville, but also at the National Arts Club in New York, and his work Équma was selected for the International Festival of Photography Photoespana 2013 in Madrid. He also participated in group or solo exhibitions in Seville, Hamburg and Arles.

His photographs have been published in magazines such as The Financial Times and The Sunday Times (London), The Chicago Tribune (Chicago) and The Paris Review (New York) as well as many titles of Spanish press.

The Équma project

We are proud to present images of Équma series selected for the International Festival of Photography PhotoEspana 2013 in Madrid.
With this series of stunning images in black and white, Nicolás Haro wanted to pay tribute to these innocent animals the Conquistadores took with them in their voyages to discovery...
The artist dedicated this work to "all the Spanish horses sailing on the XVI th century galleons that were thrown overboard in order to lighten the load when the ships were becalmed for several weeks". This area of the Atlantic Ocean, at subtropical latitude near the Equator has been known ever since as the Horse Latitude.

The exhibition for the Menhert Foundation

Nicolás Haro is himself very much involved in animal protection and has shot some outstanding images for the Benjamin Menhert Foundation.
This foundation works tirelessly to find homes for abandoned dogs - especially the Spanish Galgo greyhounds - as well as other breeds of dogs and cats. Nicolás Haro’s work was chosen for the 18th Flamenco Biennial of Seville, in the exhibition "Cánidos, Embrujo y Duende" to raise awareness of animal right.s

Posters of Cánidos exhibition
Posters of Cánidos exhibition Embrujo y Duende in the streets of Seville in 2014.
© Personal Collection Nicolás Haro

These pictures are portraits of Flamenco artists, posing with their dogs. We know that these beautiful images of "dogs-and-masters" will leave no rider unmoved.
We are proud to offer this very original « double » Portfolio that expresses the photographer’s participation in animal welfare for which we at “Horse Aware” are equally dedicated.

The images of the exhibition "Cánidos, Embrujo y Duende" are included in the 2015 calendar of the Benjamin Foundation Mehnert. This calendar is sold for the benefit of animal protection and costs only 10 euros. It can be purchased online by following this link.

© Nicolás Haro
Chana with Israel Galvan
Chana with Israel Galvan. © Nicolás Haro
Brian and Clara with José de la Tomasa
Brian and Clara with José de la Tomasa. © Nicolás Haro
© Nicolás Haro
Café, Leo and Lennon with Miguel Poveda
Café, Leo and Lennon with Miguel Poveda. © Nicolás Haro
© Nicolás Haro
Cake with Niño de Pura
Cake with Niño de Pura. © Nicolás Haro
Georgina with Estrella Morente
Georgina with Estrella Morente. © Nicolás Haro
© Nicolás Haro

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Published 22-12-2014

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