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Longines Global Champions Tour: before the final a brief summary of recent events

True - the World Equestrian Games got lots of attention over 2 weeks but the Longines Global Champions Tour carried on throughout the summer. Horses and riders have had a rest period before the final event in Doha next week. Here is a brief summary of the last four events leading up to the final for LGCT 2014...

The event at Valkenswaard is special because it is held at the equestrian center of Jan Tops, the founder and president of LGCT. The invited equines at this event get wonderful, luxury accommodation in custom-built permanent boxes.

Luciana Diniz
© S.Grasso/LGCT

The Valkenswaard event took place at the beginning of August (1st - 3rd) and the strong German placings in the 1.60m Grand Prix seemed to be an indication for the following events. Christian Ahlmann riding Codex One took first prize followed by Henrik von Eckermann with Gotha and Ludger Beerbaum riding Chiara. A great display of German riding and even though Henrik on Eckermann is Swedish he trains in Germany with Ludger Beerbaum.

Christian Ahlmann
Christian Ahlmann and Codex One. © S.Grasso/LGCT

Seventh place went to Sheikh Ali Bin Kjalid Al Thani demonstrating again the progression of Qatar riders in the field of top class show jumping.

London : Scott Brash shines for his country

The prestigious London stage took place two weeks later (14th – 16th August) on the famous Horse Guards Parade Ground. Scott Brash riding Hello Sanctus in his usual relaxed style took the Grand Prix much to the enthusiastic delight of the home crowd.

Scott Brash
Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos. © S.Grasso/LGCT

In second place also with three clear rounds, Ludger Beerbaum this time riding Zinedine kept up the German presence on the podium. The young Dutch rider Michael van der Vleuten with Vdl Groep Verdi kept his cool and jumped into third place with one fence down.

American lady riders also did well with Katherine Dinan, Laura Kraut and Reed Kessler taking 4th, 5th and 7th places respectively. Ben Maher riding Cella finished in the Top Ten ending the list Scott Brash started.

German riders always present…

LGCT took a break during the World Equestrian Games in Normandy and restarted in Lausanne (12th – 14th September). In the Grand Prix the German team « boss » Ludger Beerbaum riding Chaman demonstrated why he is « boss » as he took first prize after three impeccable clear rounds. John Whitaker with Argento took second place. The Argentinian rider Jose Maria Laroca, a relative newcomer, riding GDE Matrix made a definite impression and took third place also with three clear rounds. Patrice Delaveau riding Carinjo HDC took ninth place (understandably Orient Express is having a rest after his excellent performance at WEG...).

Ludger Beerbaum with John Whitaker
© S.Grasso/LGCT

One week later in Vienna the Grand Prix victory went to the German rider Marcus Ehning riding the elegant stallion Plot Blue. Virginie Coupérie in an interview for Cheval Savoir calls Marcus Ehning the « Mozart » of equitation and he certainly lived up to this in Vienna where he completed three clear rounds with his usual finesse and precision.

Simon Delestre second in the Grand Prix

Only four riders went through to the jump off in the Grand Prix and only Marcus Ehning completed three clear rounds. Frenchman Simon Delestre, a member of the silver medal winning team at WEG continued his success riding Qlassic Bois Margot to take the coveted second place on the podium.

Marcus Ehning
Marcus Ehning and Pot Blue. © S.Grasso/LGCT

Lucina Diniz who rides so quietly and nicely and who is always a pleasure to watch took third place with Winningmood.

So for the moment – Ludger Beerbaum holds first place in the LGCT points rankings followed by Rölf-Goran Bengtsson and Scott Brash. But all will be decided at the final in Doha next week.

Results Valkenswaard

  1. Christian Ahlmann and Codex One
  2. Henrik von Eckermann and Gotha FRH
  3. Ludger Beerbaum and Chiara 222
  4. Rodrigo Pessoa and Status
  5. Cassio Rivetti and Vivant
  6. Tiffany Foster and Southwind VDL
  7. Sheikh Ali Bin Khalid Al Thani and Vienna Olympic
  8. Oleksandr Onyshchenko and Valentino Velvet
  9. Gert Jan Bruggink and Vampire
  10. Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and Unita Ask

Results London

  1. Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos
  2. Ludger Beerbaum and Zinedine
  3. Maikel van der Vleuten and Vdl Groep Verdi Tn N.O.P.
  4. Katherine Dinan and Nougat du Vallet
  5. Laura Kraut and Nouvelle
  6. Athina Onassis de Miranda and AD Camille Z
  7. Reed Kessler and Cylana
  8. Constant van Paesschen and Citizenguard Toscan de Sainte Hermelle
  9. Daniel Deusser and First Class van Eeckelghem
  10. Ben Maher and Cella

Results Lausanne

  1. Ludger Beerbaum and Chaman
  2. John Whitaker and Argento
  3. José Maria Larocca and GDE Matrix
  4. Gerco Schröder and Cognac Champblanc
  5. Pilar Lucrecia Cordon and Nuage Bleu
  6. Jane Richard Philips and Pablo de Virton
  7. Pius Schwizer and Toulago
  8. Romain Duguet and Quorida de Treho
  9. Patrice Delaveau and Carinjo Hdc
  10. Piergiorgio Bucci and Catwalk Z

Results Vienna

  1. Marcus Ehning and Plot Blue
  2. Simon Delestre and Qlassic Bois Margot
  3. Luciana Diniz and Winningmood
  4. Maikel van der Vleuten and VDL Groep Sapphire B
  5. Ludger Beerbaum and Chiara 222
  6. Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and Unita Ask
  7. Jane Richard Philips and Quister de Guldenboom
  8. Daniel Deusser and Cornet d'Amour
  9. Zuzana Zelinkova and Caleri II
  10. Edwina Tops-Alexander and Old Chap Tame

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Published 14-11-2014

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