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Horse Aware helps reducing paper use !

If you want, you can print the articles you like! Just clik the little « Print » icon on top of each article.
Le cycle du papier


But don’t forget paper is made of wood, and the paper industry is partly responsible for the destruction of forests. Every year around the world, seven million hectares of ancient forest are logged, cleared or severely degraded. What’s more, forest destruction accounts for around 20% of global carbon emissions. That's more than the world's entire transport sector!

So please, don’t print Horse Aware unless unless you really need to!

When Horse Aware issues a new magazine, the former issue remains on the Internet, in the Horse Aware Library where you can find all the already published articles. To find an article, just enter its title or the key-words in the search engine at the top of every page. So you can enjoy all your favourite articles without harming our planet!

Horse Aware: The Glossy Mag for all Horse Lovers!

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Published 09-01-2013

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